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How We Spend Our Days

Starbucks and/or McDonald's

Strategic Planning and Consultation

Market Research

Marketing Program Development

Project Management



Public Relations


Print Materials

Direct Marketing

Video Production

Audio Production

Event Production

Online & Search Engine Marketing

Website Development

Social Media Marketing

Media Planning and Placement

Heading Home

Who We Are

Blair Englehart has more than ten years experience in advertising and marketing ... a few more than ten years. He's marketed steakburgers and transmissions and credit unions and veterans' assistance and just about anything you can think of. Blair's background is in art direction and creative development. He is an outspoken advocate for rescue dogs and animal well-being. In his spare time, you can find him riding his bike or an electric scooter throughout downtown. Watch out!

Ray Volpe has fewer years of experience in advertising and marketing than Blair ... but not too many fewer. He can be a man of few words ... or many words. That's the copywriter in him. Rumor says he's organized, which has been valuable in his work with tourism organizations, agricultural companies, financial institutions, non-profits, for-profits, and self-proclaimed prophets. When not at work, Ray can be found eating, watching TV, napping, using Oxford commas, and wasting time.

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